Order Terms and Conditions

1. These general terms and conditions form part of the catering service contract to be entered into between the customer of the service and Tervise Catering OÜ.
2. The price offer drawn up by Tervise Catering is integral and contains information about the products and services ordered, including the means of serving the food.
3. The customer confirms Tervise Catering’s price offer in writing by e-mail.
4. The customer has the right to change a confirmed order (incl. the total number of participants) no later than four working days before the date when the service is to be fulfilled, submitting the requested changes in writing. The changes shall take effect after both parties have given their written confirmation. Later changes requested by the client are accepted by Tervise Catering only by prior agreement and only when the requested change is possible.
5. On the basis of a confirmed price offer, Tervise Catering issues to the customer a prepayment invoice which covers at least 50% of the total amount of the order, unless otherwise agreed.
6. An order is deemed confirmed after the amount set out in the prepayment invoice is credited to the bank account of Tervise Catering OÜ.
7. If the client cancels the order
− no later than eight working days before the event, Tervise Catering OÜ refunds 100% of the prepayment;
− four to seven working days before the event, Tervise Catering OÜ refunds 50% of the prepayment;
− less than three working days before the event, Tervise Catering OÜ has the right to not refund the prepayment.
8. After the order has been fulfilled, Tervise Catering issues a corrected price offer to the customer no later than within five working days. This price offer sets out the final costs which have been approved by the customer during the event (service overtime, quantity of the consumed drinks and other additional products and services) and the invoice from which the prepayment has been deducted.
9. The customer has the right to file a written complaint about an invoice within five calendar days of the date of submission of the invoice.